BSA Hip Hop 2/27/2021

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MF Doom verse

Avert iOk MFK Snacks
Max Romeo – Chase The Devil
Bobby Schmurda – Hot
CJ Fly + Joey Badass – Rudebwoy
wes flexner: the role of comparative studies
DJ Johnny Cashola God Body Mix
Statik Selektah-Ralph Laurens Closet w. Thirstin Howl The 3rd & Sean Price
Freaky Franz aka if Scott Ian had Souljah Boy Rap Skills

Hier VOA

Public Enemy w Anthrax – Bring the Noise

Slezy BSA 3WA Columbus
Andre 3000 w Tyler, The Creator -Got My Eyes Open
jenkem werner herzog’s interview
Nina Simone – Do What Your Gonna Do
Haim w Taylor Swift- Gasoline Remix

Cern BSA iok SC Cincinnati
Dinosaur Jr. – Ran Away
Zem iOk SC


BSA Hip Hop 2/25/2021

BSA Hip Hop
hosted by Wes Flexner
Thursdays 7pm 92.7 / 98.3
Frankie Cutlass – Boricuas On the Set

GrafRoots – ChiRock
Jay-z w Nipsey Hussle – What It Feels Like
Juan Gonzales from Democracy Now discusses his involvement with Co- founding Late 60’s / Early 70’s Puerto Rican Human Rights group The Young Lords’ New York Chapter. The City wasn’t picking up Puerto Ricans’ trash. The Young Lords basically set all dumpsters in the road and then on fire.
Statik Selektah w Thirstin Howl w Sean Price – Ralph Lauren’s Closet

Hery iOK BSA
Bru Lei w Killah Priest -Brutang
MF Doom w GhostFace
Jim Jones
w Harry Fraud w Curren$y – Say A Prayer
Juan Gonzales from Democracy Now discusses the Young Lords’ Chicago Orgins + the Young Lords’ role in providing food, shelter,basic healthcare, education + standing up for Puerto Ricans’ human Rights.
Pete Rock w N.O.R.E w Big Pun w Common – Verbal Murder 2

MANE BSA Chicago Rest In Beats
Eyedea + Abilities w Blueprint -Before and After
Public Enemy -Rest in Beats
Pharoahe Monche w th1rt3en – 666 Three, Six Word Stories

Cern BSA iOk w Zem iOk Cincinnati
Gang Starr – Glowing Mic
Lootpack- Bone Marrow

Verb Rest In Beats Cleveland

Kid Cudi w Skepta w Pop Smoke – Show Out

Zem iOk SC Philadelphia
RJD2- A Salute to the Blood Bowl Legends

Smez PBJ Columbus


BSA Rap 2/20/21

Wes Flexner likes

Saturdays AT 11pm
Mike Jones – Back Then
AOC + Beto O’Rourke raised a bunch of dollars for people in Texas whose utilities stopped working bc cold weather.
Joey Bada$$ + Statik Selektah –
Watch Me
Rakim –
Black Messiah
Freezing weather prevented me from seeing the Fred Hampton movie.
Common ft. A-Trak – Leaders Crib Love
The Coup – Dig It

Zem + Twist and a bunch of others were flicked by Fresh Paint NYC awhile back
Jay-Z ft Nipsey Hussle – What It Feels Like
Paris – Walk Like a Panther
2Pac – Holler If You Hear Me
Lil Durk – On Your Mind
Public Enemy – Bring The Noise
Th1rt3en ft. Pharoahe Monch – 666 Three, Six Word Stories

ANON BSA Columbus
BlakRoc- Dollaz & Sense feat. Pharoahe Monch + RZA
Pharoahe Monch-Simon Says
Haim ft.Taylor Swift – Gasoline Remix
Korryn ‘Kiki’ Bland


BSA Hip Hop 2/18/2021

BSA Hip Hop
hosted by Wes Flexner
Thursdays 7pm 92.7 / 98.3

ZEM SC. iOK Philadelphia. Cincinnati

Black Thought – The Magnificent
Joey Bada$$ + Statik Selektah- Watch Me

Jek BSA. Columbus

Wand tm7 Columbus
Common – Leader Crib Love ft. A-Trak

Mane BSA Chicago Rest in Beats

The Liquid Crystal Project

Korryn ‘Kiki’ Bland
RZA -Cut Throat City
Judas And The Black Messiah’s Director’s Interview With Democracy Now
Hov Nipsey Hussle- What It Feels Like
Paris- Walk Like a Panther
Vitkor Vaughn – Saliva
Aesop Rock + Homeboy Sandman – Ask Anyone
RJD2- One of a Kind feat. Homeboy Sandman
Illogic- Pick Pocket
VERB Cleveland Rest In Beats
Public Enemy- Rest in Beats

th1rt3en ft. Pharoahe Monch- 666 Three, Six Word Stories
Madlib – Sound Ancestors


BSA Hip Hop 2.13.2021

BSA Hip Hop
Radio Saturday 11pm
92.7 / 98.3
Ghostface – Paragraphs of Love
Mighty Casey – White Girls
th1rt3en – 666 Three, Six Word Stories
Valentine’s Movie Suggestion:

Judas + The Black Messiah is a new movie about Black Panther Fred Hampton.
Fred Hampton was murdered during the FBI’s Cointellpro conquer + divide program designed to destroy the Black Human Rights movement.
MLK + Malcolm X were also leaders Cointellpro wanted to dismantle.
Jay-Z + Nipsey Hussle- What It Feels Like
Common – Leader Crib Love ft. A-Trak
Kendrick Lamar – Panther
Paris -Walk Like a Panther
Public Enemy – Rest in Beats
JEEZY- Stimulus Check
Trump Aquitted of charges that his inviting people to Washington to attack the Congress building during the Election verification was impeachable.
57 – 43 was the Senate’s vote. It takes 60 votes for Impeachment.
7 Republicans voted to Impeach. The rest viewed the truth to be a political mistake.
We won’t know if the majority of Republican voters believe the Capitol Building needed to be destroyed until the next Congressional elections.
Tyler The Creator – A Boy is A Gun
Kid Cudi, Skepta, Pop Smoke – Show Out

SHONTEL BROWN is running in the 216 Democratic Primary For Maria Fudge’s vacated seat.
SHONTEL BROWN is endorsed by Senator Sherrod Brown.
The seat was vacated by Maria Fudge who Biden nominated to direct H.U.D.
Nina Turner was previously mentioned as a Bernie Sanders affiliated candidate in this Democratic Primary.
This is the last time I will discuss the Democratic Cleveland Primary until the candidate is picked. I’m avoiding divide + conquer.
If you live in Cleveland please vote. I don’t reside in The land.
Bernie + Sherrod are amongst my favorite Democrats.
I feel like the goal here is to know SHONTEL BROWN’s + NINA TURNER’s and MARIA FUDGE’s names.
SHONTEL BROWN isn’t related to Sherrod or Elizabeth Brown as far as I know.
Evidence – Unlearning
D’Angelo + the Vanguard -Really Love

BSA Hip Hop 2/11/2021

BSA Hip Hop
hosted by Wes Flexner
Thursdays 7pm 92.7 / 98.3
Jaylib ft. Frank N Dank – McNasty Filth
X-Clan – Verbal Milk
Honey Drippers – Impeach The President
Would calling the Capitol Riot “Trump’s Attack On The United States Congress to Stop The Election Verification At The US Capital Building” better illustrate this wasn’t a protest that was a bit out of control?
Wu-Tang Clan Produced by MF Doom – 9 Milli
Madlib – Two for 2 For Dilla
JDilla- Y’All Ain’t Ready
JayLib – The Red
Dipset – The Dope Man
Until I rewatched The Attack on the US Congress To Stop the Election Verification..I had said Good Riddence.
I was grateful we were at the Last Gasp..
After rewatching the video footage, I noticed Trump did tell all those in attendance to walk down to the Congress to stop the Election Verification.
Trump amplified this with tweets while his invited followers were attacking the Senate.
After the fact, Trump showed restraint + regret in a TV address to his followers that instructed them to avoid violence.
I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an old white man cuss someone out and then feel bad.
Trump knows his audience. He knows some will act for him out of anger, and others don’t think he is a bad guy.
I think it’s important to acknowledge both Trump’s escalation to attack and his later video requesting peace.
Trump’s supporters have seen the later video that calmed the former reality star’s audience.
Without that acknowledgement his supporters will feel like Trump is being unfairly judged.
While you won’t convince every Trump allegiance to change their opinion…. at least you know you didn’t insult their experience.
Trump invited people To Attack the US Congress to stop the Election Verification and/or to send a message regarding his power in this situation.
Trump also stopped his followers from continueing the violence later.
That and his twitter was revoked.
Twitter allowed his immediate reactions to transpire.
Trump’s awareness of the thinking of his followers en masse and individually were an attribute.
The elimination of nuance isn’t solving anything.
pro era tde harlow
in 2018 AOC protested Nancy Pelosi regarding Climate Change.
In 2021, during The Attack on the US Congress, the rioters were looking for Pelosi.
There is a difference between AOC protesting Nancy Pelosi and rioters looking for Pelosi.
Nancy Pelosi didn’t think AOC was gonna kill her because AOC wasn’t rioting.
AOC has said she feared for her life during The Attack on the US Congress.
AOC was recently critical of Republican Congress people who started bringing guns to Congress after The Attack on the US Congress.
It was argued perhaps the Republicans were bringing guns to work to protect themselves from Trump’s rioters.
AOC said Congress-people bringing guns to the floor of Congress is against rules.
It would be interesting to see if those Republicans who started bringing guns to work after ‘Trump’s Attack on the United State Senate’ vote for or against Impeachment.
Ghostface ft. Cappadonna, Shawn Wigs, + Strife Da God produced by MF Doom – Jellyfish
RZA ft. Method Man- N.Y.C.E. Everything
MC Lyte – 10 Percent Diss
Ohio’s curfew was lifted. We are allowed to visit bars after 10pm.

11pm Saturday 92. 7/ 98.3
Wes Flexner’s Rock N Roll Show likes Rap Music.
Pharoah Monche + th1rt3en – 666 Three, Six Word Stories

Valentine’s Impeachment

Trump sent a rambunctious cast of Romantic Comedy barfight movie extras on a mission to Attack the United States Congress.

Previously supporting Trump’s impeachments was the least popular political opinions I’ve ever had. I was content with the result of the Biden/Harris victory. Usually this sorta thing requires quietly knowing I wasn’t wrong and changing the subject. This footage is difficult to ignore even if I believe it’s inefficient to revisit a resolved situation.

Note: this Romantic Comedy is Rated X or NC-17

BSA Hip Hop 2/4/2021

BSA Hip Hop
hosted by Wes Flexner
Thursdays 7pm 92.7 / 98.3
MF Doom + Public Enemy – Bring the Noise Blend
Public Enemy – Rest In Beats

Please Bring Justice In Our Kommunitea
Northwest Columbus
RIP Andre Hill
Heavy D & The Boyz – You Can’t See What I Can See
Aesop Rock + Homeboy Sandman – Ask Anyone
Madlib – Sound Ancestors
Atmosphere- God’s Bathroom Floor
Breaking News 2 04 21- Andre’s Law

Last night, my colleagues and I on City Council voted to pass Andre’s Law, following the tragic and avoidable police killing of Andre Hill. Proposed by his family, the law creates accountability and increases transparency around body cameras; it also ensures the obligation of police officers to render aid while waiting for medical personnel.
Mr. Hill’s family’s strength and bravery were evident in their testimony. No one should have to go through what they’ve gone through. As my colleague Councilwoman Shayla Favor said, we are tired of seeing Black families forced to grieve this way.
This is an important step, but many, many more steps remain ahead of us if we are to realign public safety with what keeps everyone safe, especially our Black residents. In doing so, we will create a city that levels the playing field for all families.

 Elizabeth Brown
President Pro-Tem, Columbus City Council

Adam Coy shot Andre Hill. His body camera wasn’t recording at the time he shot Hill. Coy is no longer a Police Officer and is awaiting trial.
J Dilla + Common – Thelonius
th1rt3en – 666 Three, Six Word Stories

Columbus Council Member Elizabeth Brown is standing in the middle with father, Senator Sherrod Brown, and mom, writer Connie Shultz. The other 2 ladies I assume are Elizabeth Brown’s sisters.
pro era tde harlow
Joey Bada$$ – Let It Breathe
Sean Price & Lil Fame- Enemy of the State feat. Conway The Machine, Guilty Simpson, Fame

Ricky Powell was a Hip Hop photographer who flicked many formative people in New York Hip Hop, punk rock and skateboard culture.
Beastie Boys – Car Thief
Rammellzee + K-Rob – Beat Bop
Spend curfew with amazing Wes Flexner 11pm Saturday
Grandmaster Flash – Wildstyle