BSA Rap 10/28/2021

Wes Flexner
92.7 / 98.3
Slug, Aesop Rock w MF Doom w Molemen – Put Yr. Quarter Up
P. Blackk w Freaky Franz – Fuggin With It
RJD2 – A Salute to the Blood Bowl Legends

Hold the Floor – Camu + Przm
Blueprint – Watch It Burn
DJ Abilities – Worldwide
Atmosphere w Aesop Rock w MF Doom – Barcade
Eyedea – Ode To Hip Hop
Rawls w Blueprint w Oddisee – Best Producer….
Swifa w Iyeball – Energy
RZA – Saturday Afternoon King Fu Theater
Tyler, The Creator – Call Me If You Get Lost
As far as New Producers during past decade….
Tyler, the Creator is the best newer producer-rapper.
Tyler composes complete records, + raps in a manner your aren’t saying he should’ve given his beat to KRS-One or Rakim.
I’m saying: ‘that lyric is funny’, ‘I hate corny people too’ + ‘i like pretty things + romance. I think might stroll to local bakery + eat a vegan tart after bibliotechque. Or 99.9999 is dope. That fucking Bieber line was kinda D12.’
While you might say doesn’t sound hip hop..
1. Tyler never said tart nor did he rhyme baggette with faggotte..
2. Ziti in a sentence before Wu-Tang was strictly for someone who worked at La Scala
3. They don’t sell vegan tarts at La Chatalaine. I used to watch Buckeye Games @ + talk to cute girls and old African Ladies to obliterate gender stereotypes.
Cute girls weren’t aware vegan males watched football until I sat there.
African ladies know who the Ohio State Buckeyes are.
Next time I’m there I will discuss Tyler, The Creator’s BET Award, and Tyler rapped with Griselda.
Grafh w Sheek Louch w Ransom – Valid
Aesop Rock w Blockhead –
Jazz Hands
Boldy James + Alchemist – Steel Wool
Conway the Machine – Piano Song
Moor Mother – Shakere w Loji

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