Curfew w the Erotic Illuminati 10/30/2021

Coast 2 Coast
Wes Flexner
92.7 / 98.3
Patrick Paige – The Curfew
Incantation – Golgotha
A theory regarding the Illuminati is
Jesus escaped from Golgotha to France.
He had erotic experiences + taught enlightenment.
Asap Rocky – Sandman

Aesop Rockee by ANONBSA illuminated one thinktank
Federal Reserve w Dipset w Dame Dash w A – Trak – Dipset
Freaky Franz w Sammy Bananas – I’ma Freak
Jesus making love + spreading enlightenment isn’t much different from rising from the dead + spreading love + compassion.
Too Short – Freaky Tales
Turnstile – Mystery

Wand tm7 Bay Area
While Too Short’s Freaky Tales could resemble Jesus’ sex spree after escaping Golgotha….
I don’t think Too Short is Jesus.
If Too Short believes in the Christian faith, this comparative studies between Christianity +an Illuminati theory could be blasphemous to Too Short.
I wouldn’t want to offend Too Short’s spiritual beliefs.
RTJ w Gangsta Boo- Love Again
Atmosphere w Aesop Rock w MF Doom – Barcade
Blueprint – Watch It Burn
Asap Rocky – Sandman
Turnstile – Fly Again
Homeboy Sandman – Go Hard
RJD2 – The Horror

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