The Curfew 10-9-2021

The Curfew
11pm Saturdaze
Wes Flexner
92.7 / 98.3
Boogie Down Productions – Superhoe
Noreaga – Superthug
Sir Mix A Lot – Put Em on Glass
Grafh w Sheek Louch w Ransom – Valid
Did the Illuminati start because Lamb of God was saved from Golgotha + had sex in France
Conway the Machine – Piano Song
Aesop Rock w Atmosphere w MF Doom – Barcade

BSA Rap 10/07/2021

Wes Flexner
Thurz 7pm
92.7 / 98.3
DJ Abilities – Worldwide
Grafh w Sheek Louch w Ransom – Valid
Blueprint – Watch It Burn
Homeboy Sandman – Go Hard
Tyler, the Creator – Call Me If You Get Lost
AZ – I Found My Niche
Quasimoto – C’Mon Feet
Blu – People Call Me
Jay Swifa – Fire
Moor Mother – Shekere w Lojii
Common w Roots rapper – When We Move

Welcome To ChiRock by MANE BSA
Grafh w Benny the Butcher – Very Different
Metaforce w Zerostarr – Clickclack
Boldy James w Westside Gunn – 716 Miles
KRS 1- Hip Hop VS. Rap
BlackStarr – Definition
JRawls w Wordsworth – OneTime

Superthug 10/01

Curfew Superthug Saturdaze
Wes Flexner
92.7 / 98.3
Patrick Paige – The Curfew
Jadakiss – Thotline Bling
Triple 6 Mafia – Two Way Freak

Citizen Lab’s Ronald Deibert was Democracy Now’s guest discussing cellphone cyberware used to surveille journalists and human rights defenders which often leads to torture, and death of these humans.
Ron Deibert believes governments shouldn’t fund the technology which surveilles, tortures and kills writers, and human rights defenders.
Eminem – Phone Tap Freestyle
Wes Flexner Saturdays 11pm shows started because of Ohio’s Covid Curfew. He was playing rap music, and metal which allowed cultural references for things involving Curfew behavior.
The Curfew was lifted.
Wes Flexner’s Saturday Show continued with variations of this idea. SEXY SATURDAYS is fun with bawdy rap, and punk songs. SUPERTHUG plays with the idea of rapper NORE and radio’s George Noory’s Coast 2 Coast. Nore rapped about the Illumanati conspiracy theories, and compared New York to the Middle East. NORE currently is involved with the popular show Drink Champs which talks rap while boozing.
Coast 2 Coast enjoys the paranormal.
The Curfew continues looking at politics, entertainment, and human interaction from the POV of rap, cable, radio and popular eroticism.
11pm Saturdays
Hosted by Wes Flexner.
Wes Flexner is a fan of NORE and George Noory but neither party is involved with THE CURFEW.
Wes Flexner utilizes Pacifica Radio Network Resources.
Zero w Metaforce – Click Clack

Ronald Deibert
Goodie Mob- Cell Therapy

BSA Rap 9/30/2021

BSA Hip Hop
92.7 / 98.3

DJ Abilities – Worldwide
Jay Swifa w Iyeball – Energy
Grafh w Benny the Butcher – We Are Very Different
Westside Gunn w
Boldy James – 716 Miles
Billy Danze – Light Up
Blu – People Call Me
Zero w Metaforce- Click Clack
Black Thought w Common
Moor Mother – Made a Circle
Dominique Larue – Ultimate
Black Star – Brown Skin Lady
RJD2 w P. Blackk – Bathwater
Mach Hommey – Au Revior
Freaky Franz w P. Blackk – Fuggin Widd It
Myka 9 – Russian Rag
DJ Shadow – Midnight in A Perfect World

The Curfew 9/25/2021

11pm Saturday
92.7 / 98.3
Patrick Paige- Curfew
RTJ w Lil Wayne w DJ Premier – OH LA LA
Chief Keef – Funny
The Fonosluts- Fuck The Foul Mouth Ducks
Freaky Franz – I’m A Freak
Jay Swifa w Iye – Energy
Turnstile – Mystery

Turnstile’s First Week Sales Numbers
Ghostface – Fish
Khia – My Neck My Back
El-P w Aesoprock – Delorean
Dead Prez with DJ Drama – Malcolm, Garvey, Huey
KaliUchs – Don’t Put Your Teeth In My Neck
Bikini Kill – I Like Fucking
Bobbito Stretch Armstrong – Dipset Freestyle

BSA Hip Hop September 23

BSA Hip Hop
92.7 / 98.3
AZ – Found My Niche
Common w Black Thought w Seun Kuti
Boldy James – Flight Risk
Watch: PBS Muhammad Ali Special
RTJ- Legend
Joey Badass w Jack Harlow w Reason w Denzel Curry w Westside Boogie – Extinct
Jay Swifa w Vada – HMU
Jay Swifa w Iye – Energy
Sean Price w Lil Fame – Center Stage

Jay Swifa – ASR
BDP – We in There
Metaforce w ZeroStar – Click Clack
Moor Mother w Loji – Shekere
DJ Przm – Feast w Open Wound w Eclypse w Camu – Dangerous
Homeboy Sandman w Aesop Rock – Lice Team Baby
Myka 9- Russian Rag
Gangstarr – Who Is Gonna Take The Weight

The Curfew 9/19

The Curfew
Wes Flexner
92.7 / 98. 3
Saturday 11pm
Patrick Paige II – Curfew
Slum Village – Raise It Up
Viktor Vaughn – Saliva
Juelz Santana- Santana’s Town
DJ Detox- Get Right Vol 15 teaser mix
Gamble in our town
Time & Temperature – Havana
Chief Keef- Funny
Freaky Franz- I’ma Freak
Avalanches – Radio Sinkane Remix

BSA Hip Hop 9/16/2021

BSA Hip Hop
thurz 7pm
92.7/ 98.3
Central Services -Jukie Skate Rock
Freaky Franz – I’ma Freak
KRS-1 – KRS- Attacks
The Fonosluts – Fuck The Foul Mouth Ducks

by: Sucko BSA
Tyler, the Creator – Sir Baudelaire
RJD2- A Salute the Blood Bowl Legends
Letter People – Dangerous

Blueprint + Illogic + Catalyst – Cold
Spitball w Metaforce – Yaa
Black Starr – Definition
JRawls w LCP – Tribute to T.R O.Y.
Envelope – Lord You Know
Fly Union – Long Run
Burberry Shire Armes – Kathleen+ Harkins + Martin Song
BlakRoc – Dollar + Sense

Coast 2 Coast Curfew 9/11/2021

Wes Flexner Invented Sexy
Saturdaze aka Coast @ Coast aka Curfew
92.7 / 98.3
11pm Saturday
Patrick Paige II – Curfew
Jay-Z – 911 Freestyle
while this isn’t 9-11….
i’m fairly sure 2001….
El-P w Aesop Rock – Deloreon
Dungeon Family – Whole World
Juelz Santana – Okay Okay
Juelz Santana – Rumble Young Man Rumble
Dipset – Krunk Music
Conway the Machine w GID w Ludacris – Scatterbrain
AZ w Conway the Machine w Lil Wayne – Ritual
Chief Keef – Funny