Superthug 10/01

Curfew Superthug Saturdaze
Wes Flexner
92.7 / 98.3
Patrick Paige – The Curfew
Jadakiss – Thotline Bling
Triple 6 Mafia – Two Way Freak

Citizen Lab’s Ronald Deibert was Democracy Now’s guest discussing cellphone cyberware used to surveille journalists and human rights defenders which often leads to torture, and death of these humans.
Ron Deibert believes governments shouldn’t fund the technology which surveilles, tortures and kills writers, and human rights defenders.
Eminem – Phone Tap Freestyle
Wes Flexner Saturdays 11pm shows started because of Ohio’s Covid Curfew. He was playing rap music, and metal which allowed cultural references for things involving Curfew behavior.
The Curfew was lifted.
Wes Flexner’s Saturday Show continued with variations of this idea. SEXY SATURDAYS is fun with bawdy rap, and punk songs. SUPERTHUG plays with the idea of rapper NORE and radio’s George Noory’s Coast 2 Coast. Nore rapped about the Illumanati conspiracy theories, and compared New York to the Middle East. NORE currently is involved with the popular show Drink Champs which talks rap while boozing.
Coast 2 Coast enjoys the paranormal.
The Curfew continues looking at politics, entertainment, and human interaction from the POV of rap, cable, radio and popular eroticism.
11pm Saturdays
Hosted by Wes Flexner.
Wes Flexner is a fan of NORE and George Noory but neither party is involved with THE CURFEW.
Wes Flexner utilizes Pacifica Radio Network Resources.
Zero w Metaforce – Click Clack

Ronald Deibert
Goodie Mob- Cell Therapy

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