BSA Hip Hop 2.13.2021

BSA Hip Hop
Radio Saturday 11pm
92.7 / 98.3
Ghostface – Paragraphs of Love
Mighty Casey – White Girls
th1rt3en – 666 Three, Six Word Stories
Valentine’s Movie Suggestion:

Judas + The Black Messiah is a new movie about Black Panther Fred Hampton.
Fred Hampton was murdered during the FBI’s Cointellpro conquer + divide program designed to destroy the Black Human Rights movement.
MLK + Malcolm X were also leaders Cointellpro wanted to dismantle.
Jay-Z + Nipsey Hussle- What It Feels Like
Common – Leader Crib Love ft. A-Trak
Kendrick Lamar – Panther
Paris -Walk Like a Panther
Public Enemy – Rest in Beats
JEEZY- Stimulus Check
Trump Aquitted of charges that his inviting people to Washington to attack the Congress building during the Election verification was impeachable.
57 – 43 was the Senate’s vote. It takes 60 votes for Impeachment.
7 Republicans voted to Impeach. The rest viewed the truth to be a political mistake.
We won’t know if the majority of Republican voters believe the Capitol Building needed to be destroyed until the next Congressional elections.
Tyler The Creator – A Boy is A Gun
Kid Cudi, Skepta, Pop Smoke – Show Out

SHONTEL BROWN is running in the 216 Democratic Primary For Maria Fudge’s vacated seat.
SHONTEL BROWN is endorsed by Senator Sherrod Brown.
The seat was vacated by Maria Fudge who Biden nominated to direct H.U.D.
Nina Turner was previously mentioned as a Bernie Sanders affiliated candidate in this Democratic Primary.
This is the last time I will discuss the Democratic Cleveland Primary until the candidate is picked. I’m avoiding divide + conquer.
If you live in Cleveland please vote. I don’t reside in The land.
Bernie + Sherrod are amongst my favorite Democrats.
I feel like the goal here is to know SHONTEL BROWN’s + NINA TURNER’s and MARIA FUDGE’s names.
SHONTEL BROWN isn’t related to Sherrod or Elizabeth Brown as far as I know.
Evidence – Unlearning
D’Angelo + the Vanguard -Really Love

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