BSA Hip Hop 2/11/2021

BSA Hip Hop
hosted by Wes Flexner
Thursdays 7pm 92.7 / 98.3
Jaylib ft. Frank N Dank – McNasty Filth
X-Clan – Verbal Milk
Honey Drippers – Impeach The President
Would calling the Capitol Riot “Trump’s Attack On The United States Congress to Stop The Election Verification At The US Capital Building” better illustrate this wasn’t a protest that was a bit out of control?
Wu-Tang Clan Produced by MF Doom – 9 Milli
Madlib – Two for 2 For Dilla
JDilla- Y’All Ain’t Ready
JayLib – The Red
Dipset – The Dope Man
Until I rewatched The Attack on the US Congress To Stop the Election Verification..I had said Good Riddence.
I was grateful we were at the Last Gasp..
After rewatching the video footage, I noticed Trump did tell all those in attendance to walk down to the Congress to stop the Election Verification.
Trump amplified this with tweets while his invited followers were attacking the Senate.
After the fact, Trump showed restraint + regret in a TV address to his followers that instructed them to avoid violence.
I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an old white man cuss someone out and then feel bad.
Trump knows his audience. He knows some will act for him out of anger, and others don’t think he is a bad guy.
I think it’s important to acknowledge both Trump’s escalation to attack and his later video requesting peace.
Trump’s supporters have seen the later video that calmed the former reality star’s audience.
Without that acknowledgement his supporters will feel like Trump is being unfairly judged.
While you won’t convince every Trump allegiance to change their opinion…. at least you know you didn’t insult their experience.
Trump invited people To Attack the US Congress to stop the Election Verification and/or to send a message regarding his power in this situation.
Trump also stopped his followers from continueing the violence later.
That and his twitter was revoked.
Twitter allowed his immediate reactions to transpire.
Trump’s awareness of the thinking of his followers en masse and individually were an attribute.
The elimination of nuance isn’t solving anything.
pro era tde harlow
in 2018 AOC protested Nancy Pelosi regarding Climate Change.
In 2021, during The Attack on the US Congress, the rioters were looking for Pelosi.
There is a difference between AOC protesting Nancy Pelosi and rioters looking for Pelosi.
Nancy Pelosi didn’t think AOC was gonna kill her because AOC wasn’t rioting.
AOC has said she feared for her life during The Attack on the US Congress.
AOC was recently critical of Republican Congress people who started bringing guns to Congress after The Attack on the US Congress.
It was argued perhaps the Republicans were bringing guns to work to protect themselves from Trump’s rioters.
AOC said Congress-people bringing guns to the floor of Congress is against rules.
It would be interesting to see if those Republicans who started bringing guns to work after ‘Trump’s Attack on the United State Senate’ vote for or against Impeachment.
Ghostface ft. Cappadonna, Shawn Wigs, + Strife Da God produced by MF Doom
RZA ft. Method Man- N.Y.C.E. Everything
MC Lyte – 10 Percent Diss
Curfew was lifted. We are allowed to visit bars after 10pm.

11pm Saturday 92. 7/ 98.3
Wes Flexner’s Rock N Roll Show likes Rap Music.
Pharoah Monche + th1rt3en – 666 Three, Six Word Stories

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