BSA Hip Hop 11/12/2020

BSA Hip Hop
92.7 / 98.3
7pm thursdays
hosted by Wes Flexner
Columbus, Ohighio
Grandmaster Flash – Wildstyle
2020-11-12 19:02:15Pete Rock- Kool Jazz
2020-11-12 19:04:38
Kayo BSA
2020-11-12 19:04:45Slum Village – Raise It up
2020-11-12 19:08:50Dipset ft. Master P- Bout It Bout It
2020-11-12 19:14:10B.I.G.- Party and Bullshit
2020-11-12 19:17:47Joe Biden/ Kamala Harris won the Presidential Election.

Biggie was inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Other Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Hip Hop groups:
– Public Enemy
-Beastie Boys
-Run DMC
-Grandmaster Flash.

2020-11-12 19:18:37Public Enemy ft. Beastie Boys + Run DMC- Public Enemy Number Won
2020-11-12 19:24:02Company Flow- End II End Burners REMIX
2020-11-12 19:28:57Run DMC – Beats To The Rhyme
2020-11-12 19:31:36
2020-11-12 19:31:59Blu + Exile- When The Gods Meet feat. Ishe
2020-11-12 19:35:02Westside Gunn ft. Sadat X + Conway the Machine- The Town
2020-11-12 19:38:33Open Mic Eagle feat. Kari Faux – Bucciarati
2020-11-12 19:42:28Potato Head People feat. Posdnuos & Kapok- Baby Got Work
2020-11-12 19:45:58Illogic- The Depth K.i.m.
2020-11-12 19:49:36EPMD- Funky Piano
2020-11-12 19:53:59Wes Flexner is relieved Joe Biden/Kamala Harris won.
Wes Flexner was confused why opposing Donald Trump was the least popular political opinion he’s ever had.
Why did opposing Trump differ than any other leftist opinion I’ve had my entire life?
Then he noticed Trump won Ohio by 8 points twice.
Wes Flexner’s opinion was consistent with the rest of the nation.
Joe Biden / Kamala Harris won the Presidential Election with a better popular vote than Obama/Biden.
Obama/Biden were victorious In Ohio in both 2008 and 2012.
2020-11-12 19:55:41Pete Rock – Death Becomes You

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