BSA hip hop 11/05/2020

BSA Hip Hop
92.7 / 98.3
7pm thursdays
hosted by Wes Flexner
Columbus, Ohighio
Azymuth, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge – Pulando Corda
Martha Reeves- Willie D
The Liquid Crystal Project -Alonzo Garner Boyd
The Liquid Crystal Project is JRAWLS’ jazz group. LCP’s new album B.L.A.M. is dedicated to the necessity of the BLM Movement.
Black Lives Always Mattered is my favorite LCP album.
There is feeling here.

Important moments should create exceptional responses.

Columbus voted by over 70 percent in favor of a Civilian Review Board.
A Civilian Review board, body cameras, training, mental health nurturing, and community rapport are usually the recommendations for improving police departments.
A city should know the context people live in.
The George Floyd tape taught it’s important who views the police misconduct, and the manner cities’ respond.
Mayor Ginther created a Civilian Review Board after our recent Social Revolution.
Voters said this mattered.
Common – Say Peace feat. Black Thought
Eminem – ‘Till I Collapse
DJ Critical Hype ft. Andre 3000 + Tyler The Creator- Got My Eyes Open
Busta Rhymes – Look Over Your Shoulder ft. Kendrick Lamar
Potatohead People + De La Soul- Baby Got Work
Open Mike Eagle- A joestar black power fantasy
Illogic- The Depth K.I.M.
Freestyle Fellowship- Brighter Days
The Budos Band- The Wrangler
Goodie Mob ft. Chuck D- Are you Ready
DJ Critical Hype ft. Andre 3000 + Tyler, The Creator -Do You Laugh
Action Bronson- the Sweetest

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