The 12 Month 2020 Is Finished

The 12 month 2020 is finished. 

By Wes Flexner 

We finally made it to the election after being inflicted with a plague, and police murders that resulted in protests, and tear gassing that would make a 14-year-old write a letter for Amnesty International to our government.  

Who do you write letters to if elected officials are tear gassed? 

I feel like the past 7 years were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  

With that said, currently I view our country from the eyes of a latchkey kid whose parents are divorcing.

Dad was awful at some point but now he isn’t as scary because you know his life is changing. 

Trump says things that are either funny like a dad trying to be cool, and other times your still like: I truly understand why my mom wants to leave this guy.  While mom had valid reasons to leave him there is part of me that appreciates that Trump does seem to sincerely like Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Ice Cube. 

The fact you can find sincere rapport with Trump is kind of how I started to understand the loyalty people had towards him. 

He might be part of things your ideals hate… but he is human. 

Mom, I guess would be our voters. 

Mom seems slightly confused.  

She keeps dating republicans but talks to me about returning to her liberal ideals. 

Alls I know is there was a curfew, and I’m eating to go food like pizza. I’m spending a lot time by myself. 

Pretty much once I get off the bus I’m listening to rap. And eating food. 

As complicated as these times are, in many ways Covid, and the Police Killings have simplified people. 

Americans returned to their ideal essence. They don’t like diseases, and they don’t like racial violence. 

Sunlight is healthy.  People in their extended communities spent time together outdoors during daytime hours.  Partially because so many people are off work. Also, because if you don’t drink bleach, sunlight is good for you. 

I noticed parents riding their bikes with their kids. I wonder if these bikerides will be formative in a: 2020 is these kids got to know their parents. 

If you walk around the Bethel Road area and visit the Recreation center, you’ll notice various immigrants from grandparents to toddlers talking with each other. 

Black Lives Matter signs are outside adult homes all over the city and suburbs. 

Protesters were also in the sun. 

The Short North was decorated with art promoting humanity. 

People of all races were standing up for human rights. 

While our police look like TIANNAMEN Square footage, the protestors look like the Americans we wanted to be while reading MLK. 

In many ways, the actions of our people are living his dream 

This is beautiful. 

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