BSA Rap Radio 3/19/2020

BSA Rap Radio
92.7 / 98.3
Magnolia Shorty ft. DJ Erv – Shake that Stick Monkey
2020-03-19 19:04:19Jay-z + Jay Electronica – Flux Capacitor.wav
2020-03-19 19:07:45The Showboys – Triggerman
2020-03-19 19:13:48BSA recommends fulfilling Hip Hop
2020-03-19 19:14:38RJD2 featuring STS and Khari Mateen-Pull Up On Love
2020-03-19 19:18:15CJ Fly – City We From ft Conway The Machine
2020-03-19 19:21:40BSA rap radio listens to Hip Hop music
2020-03-19 19:23:13Quelle Chris & Chris Keys – Sudden Death
2020-03-19 19:26:46Beastie Boys – Shadrach A J. Rawls Remix
2020-03-19 19:30:25Drake – When To Say When & Chicago Freestyle
2020-03-19 19:34:54E.C.Illa + Cayex Illah Time Travel Freestyle
2020-03-19 19:41:31CJ Fly – Show You
2020-03-19 19:44:33BSA rap radio for playlists
2020-03-19 19:45:40Blueprint- A Hero Dies Once
2020-03-19 19:49:05Trek Manifest – Payback
2020-03-19 19:52:27Audio Replay 2 feat. Wallabee, P.A. Flex, L.O.O.T, C10 Tha Audio Unit
2020-03-19 19:56:19wes flexner’s rock n roll show wednesdays 92.7 / 98.3 7pm
2020-03-19 19:56:40Renee Dion- Quality
twitter: wesflexner instagram: wesflexner

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