Baudelaire’s Sapiosexual Arena In Ohio 3/3/2022

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Tyler, the Creator – Lumberjack
I could write a thesis regarding Tyler, the Creator on various subjects.

Tyler, the Creator’s Call Me If You Get Lost rocked Schottenstein Center Sunday Night 2-27-2022 with enthusiastic audience.

Which subject should I discuss.

-Racial Individuality.
-Hip Hop’s evolution.
-Biblioteque Sapiosexual Allures.
-Music Marketing.
-Would’ve Big L lived if he would’ve Fresh Princed and started skateboarding.
-Should the Schottenstein Center start vegan food truck to justify having Vegan Food for sale during events.

First things first.

This was my first show since quarantine. 

I breezed Schottenstein Center at 1pm. There was a line.

I went home because Schottenstien Center website said the first act wasn’t performing until 730 pm. 

I was imagining teenagers having parents drop them off earlier.

Rationale was: 

Kids haven’t attended very many shows. 
Fans didn’t want to miss anything.
 Why wouldn’t you make a day of it?

Schottenstien Center Shows are probably really big events in someone’s year.

Someone works all year, attends class and yr favorite artist is rocking Columbus.

Or in similar to where I was coming from….

Tyler’s show was the first show where someone could rap, and make songs corresponding with
The fact our country was finally recovering from a COVID. 

I want to have fun.

While walking past a group of people waiting for a show to start 6 hours from now could ruin a critic’s snark…
 A critic could act as a consumer reporter if an artist didn’t respect their fans’ experiences.

Between COVID, and other turmoils…you just want everyone who like their favorite groups to have fun for once.
 It would be extremely difficult to clown anything which would make someone smile.

I went home. I took a nap. 

I woke up. I grabbed the number 1. 
1 stop…I was at Schottenstien Center after passing the Jack Nicholas Museum sign.

I walked into Schottenstein Center excited to watch a concert for the first time since George Floyd, Covid, and the Capital Riots.

It was fitting Tyler, the Creator was my first after covid concert.

The first time I heard of Tyler, the Creator was from a tremendous word of mouth generated about a rap group who was involved with L.A.’s DIY Smell scene which was known for Best Coast, Sic Alps and Wavves while Adult Swim’s affiliations were getting some Wu-tang energy.

The last time I heard of Tyler, the Creator and Smell. I was looking at Tyler’s website where he was selling French Waltz which was a new cologne.

I start every new year looking for Wu Wear. 

French Waltz appears boutique should you want to buy me a Christmas present.

In the music new year, it was French Waltz’s creator, Tyler.

Somewhere in between:

I found out Tyler, the Creator lived in Sac-town, California while gestating. 
Watched Jimmy Fallon with that Native Tongues Band + the dude who crooned on the Blakroc song Vista.
Watched Odd Future at the Newport.
Grammy’s and number 1 albums.
Tyler, the Creator was spotted with Franz Lyons of Turnstile.
Recently wondered if it was appropriate to feel really pleased Tyler, the Creator won a BET Image award.
Reading Charles Baudelaire.

I didn’t write a blog regarding Tyler’s recent BET oratory.

While listening Tyler, The Creator’s newest album, Sir Baudelaire had me reading French writer Charles Baudelaire.

Please name the last time rap music made you find a writer?

Near the beginning of Tyler, the Creator’s Schottenstein Show Sunday night Tyler yelled, “Y’all ready” and a Prince Paul/RZA influenced beat played.

Schottenstein’s crowd erupted as Tyler rapped about rocking venues like Schottenstein Center.

Watching Schottenstein Center responding with a lyricist, who was rapping really proficiently with an annunciation, rhyme patterns, raw lyrics, and an understanding of delivery was a moment of: All is functional as I have ever understood Hip Hop.

PRZM meets Clipse.

Tyler had entered the stage in a Rolls Royce which lifted to reveal the rapper looking like Slick Rick meets Dynasty Era- Roc A Fella.’s-call-me-if-you-get-lost-rocked-out-schottenstein-center-sunday-night
Doug E Fresh w Slick Rick – The Show
Tyler, The Creator – Sir Baudelaire
Futura – The Escapades
Cam’ron – 1-71 Funk Master Flex Freestyler
Currency w Boldy James – No Yeast
Grafh w Sheek Louch w Ran – Valid
D. Genesis w J. Rawls song
Tyler, the Creator – Massa
Vince Staples w Royce the 5 9 – Young World
Robert Glasper
RJD2 w Homeboy Sandman – One Of A Kind
Camu – The Floor

BSA Hip Hop 12/16/2021

BSA Rap pm 7 Thurz
92.7 /98.3
KRS One – Kool Herc
Return of Polo Rican – Thirsten Howl
95 South – J-Cole W Cam’Ron
BSA Hip Hop replayed a portion of our
Can’t Stop Won’t Stop show from 2021’s beginning.

Kool Herc , Davy D, Cindy Campbell, Jeff Chang discuss origins of Hip Hop which are in Chang’s Book Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

-Kool Herc is the founder of Hip Hop.
Herc deejayed the first Hip Hop Party @ 1520 Sedgewick Ave which was August 11, 1973 in Bronx, NY which is the beginning of Hip Hop.
Herc relayed breaks which is a defining technique for this designation.
Kool Herc was also a Bronx NY graffiti writer.
Kool Herc wrote Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’s Introduction.

-Herc’s sister Cindy Campbell promoted above 1520 Sedgewick Ave, August 11, 1973 event.

-Davy D grew up in New York wanting to attend Kool Herc’s Parties.
He became a revered Hip Hop journalist in Oakland, California.

– Jeff Chang released a book called Can’t Stop Won’t Stop in 2005 about
Hip Hop.
Chang updated Can’t Stop Won’t Stop in 2021 to contextualize BLM.
Jeff Chang is a respected Hip Hop Journalist who was part of DJ Shadow’s Quannum Hip Hop Community.

I didn’t include everyone who attended this seminar in this BSA radio excerpt.
RJD2- 1976
Andre 3000 – Player’s Ball Freestyle
Rakim – New York
DJ PRZM w Feast w Open Wound w Ecylpse w PRZM w Camu –
Turnstile – Mystery Live on Seth Meyers
KRS – One – Knock Em Out
Styles P w Havoc – Nightmares 2 Dreams
RZA w Flatbush Zombies – Plug Addicts
Aesop Rock W Blockhead –
Jazz Hands
JRawls- Daydreamin
BlackRoc w Mos Def – the Vista
Mos Def w Diverse – Wylin Out RJD2 Remix

BSA Hip Hop 10/14/2021

BSA Hip Hop
Thurz 7pm
92.7 / 98.3
Boogie Down Productions – I’m Still Number 1 Remix
I am really excited about this KRS-One and BDK Verzuz.
They were both Saturday Night Club performers and played a roll as conscious rappers. BDP is viewed as a quintessential Political Entities. BDK was a Five Percenter.
Important, KRS-1 + BDK are really good at rapping.
Wes Flexner knows KRS-One is the epitome of a BBOY.
In 2021, KRS still makes you feel like Hip Hop is defeating 500 years of oppression by rapping.
Wes Flexner apologizes to BDK for the KRS-1 bias.
Wes found that being involved with political writings and activism with affiliations in the Pacifica Radio Network, and Free Press writings can induce attempts at misinformation, + name defamation.
He likes BDK but isn’t a fan of conquer and divide.
Wes isn’t requesting for betrayals because I respected a legendary rapper.
Wes lands in a BBoy Stance as a reminder Hip Hop transcended.
Heavy D w Grand Puba w CL Smooth w Big Daddy Kane w Pete Rock w Q-Tip – Don’t Curse
Aesop Rock w Atmosphere w MF Doom – Barcade
Wes Flexner believes KRS-One + BDK will perform songs people like @ Versuz.
KRS- One- Sound Of The Police
Blueprint – Watch It Burn
Moor Mother- Shekere w Loji
Jay Swifa – Fire
KRS-1- Friend
Boldy James w Alchemist ft. Lonnie Bands – Turkey Noodle Soup
Conway The Machine – Piano Song
Boogie Down Productions – My Philosophy
Blakstarr – Definition
BlakRoc- The Vista
Tyler, the Creator – Sir Baudelaire

BSA HIp Hop 12/02/2021

BSA Rap Sprayz
Wes Flexner
92.7 / 98.3
RTJ – Outta Site

ANON KESER …Coupe wrote the quick blurb in between +
Atmosphere w Aesop Rock w MF Doom – Barcade
Slug w Eyedea – Stick Up
Common- First Day Of School
Common – A Beautiful Chicago Kid
El – P w DJ Abilities w Non – Phixion Rapper w Aesop Rock – Delorean
DJ Abilities – Waves
EL-P w Aesop Rock- We’re Famous
RJD2 w Homeboy Sandman – One of A Kind
Black Thought w Common
Aesop Rock w Blockhead –
Jazz Hands
Common w A- Trak – We Going Up
Common w Slum Village – Thelonious
Common – Resurrection Large Professor
EL – P w Cage w Camu Tao – Accidents Don’t Happen

BSA Rap Radio 6-3-2021

BSA Rap Radio
Thurz 7 pm.
92.7 / 98.3
J-Dilla – Seventy3 Sountrack
Andre 3000’s Player’s ball
DJ Przm – Dangerous w Feast w Open Wound w Eclypse w DJ Przm w Camu
Duck Sauce – Smiley Face
Bru Lei w Killah Priest – Bru-Tang
Philly Graffiti Pioneer Cornbread discusses writing graffiti in 1967 bc he was smitten with a young women who he started dating with Steve “Espo” Powers. Espo didn’t date the same woman as Cornbread. He listened to the story of beginnings of Philly graffiti. Espo isn’t from the same generation as Cornbread.
The Roots – Clones
RJD2 w Homeboy Sandman – One of A Kind
Schoolly D- 5 2 Parkside
Gang Starr – Glowing Mic
Patrick Paige II – New Habits
weed democracy3cb
Slum Village – Raise It up
Bahamadia – Uknowhowwedu
Spitball – Detroit With Attitude
Aesop Rock ft. Blueprint – Alchemy
Wu-Tang Clan – St Ides Commercial

BSA 5-20-2021

92. 7 / 98.3
Nas – The
Nas- NY State of Mind
RZA’s 36 Chamber Cinema presented Wild Style with Fab 5 Freddy + Charlie Ahearn. Wild Style was a 1983 movie which starred real graffiti writers, real emcees, real deejays, and real breakdancers. Wild Style’s story was fictional. The story was romantic and relevent in regarding the feel of hip hop’s inception. Wild Style dealt with the experience of graffiti writers, and hip hoppers who were developing Kool Herc’s Culture. Wild Style included the rest of New York’s Hip Hop discovery. This is naive dope.
Blueprint w Bru Lei- Million Dollar Man
Walter Rocktight w Flip The Early Riser w Nicotime – Rock To This
Killed in Action- C.R.A.A.C
Blakroc w Raekwon – Stay Off The Fucking Flowers
Turnstile – Sailing
Wild Style Theme
Flying Lotus w Denzel Curry – African Samurai
Earl Sweatshirt – Loose Change
Wild Style Fantastic 5 vs. Cold Crush
El-P w Aesoprock w Ill BIll – Delorean
Wildstyle Live Ampitheatre
Czarface – Czarwyn’s Theory of People Getting Loose
RJD2- A Salute To The Blood Bowl Legends
Andre 3000 Players Ball Freestyle
J-Cole w Cam’ron – 95 South

BSA Rap Radio April 8th, 2021

BSA Rap Radio
Thurz 7pm
92.7 / 98.3
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Black Baseball
Statik Selektah w Conway the Machine w 2Chainz w Killer Mike – Play Around
Major League Baseball pulled the All Star Game from Atlanta after Georgia’s State Legislature enacted voting restrictions.
People who make money viewed these restrictions as a violation of democracy which is detrimental to the American way of life.
Georgia can pivot out of this error + improve.
Atlanta’s Stadium is still not working at Capacity bc COVID safety.
13, 500 people are allowed in a stadium that seats 51, 000.
2021’s All Star Game is a TV event this year while the country is Vaccinating to eliminate COVID.
Well, it’s at Denver’s Coors Light Stadium. Baseball’s Stars are aligned for a Coors commercial.
Victory for Democracy + Business is looming within Voter Registration in GA.
Could Voter registration occur while checking in for vaccination?
I showed my identification + was verified while receiving my vaccination this week.
Atlanta should hold voting vaccination/ registration events in their Stadium.
Atlanta Atheletes + Musicians would promote voting in state elections.
Georgia should vote out the State Reps who tried to restrict the voting process.
Peach State citizens could change the law.
Their State could still register voters for State elections if the vaccination/voter reg isn’t possible.
Once these voting restrictions were removed, Major League Baseball could return the All Star Game to a vaccinated audience of 51, 000 people in Atlanta. This year’s event would have held 13,500.
I know local elections vary by district but it should be explained:
Financial victory is in their state’s reach which would exist as a Triumph for democracy.
I’m hoping this motivates participation in local elections + awareness that racism is an ideal which doesn’t function properly with business.
Chance The Rapper – The ❤️ + The Tongue
Tobe Nwigwe w Black Thought w Royce Da 5 da 9 – Father Figure
Nipsey Hussle w Hov – What It Feels Like
Saroc w Madlib – Fallin
Statik Selektah w Lil Fame w Smoke DZA w Rim Da Villuan – No More Hatred
Cold Crush
MF Doom w Ghostface
Pharoahe Monche w th1rt3en – 666 Three, Six Word Stories

Nerd BSA Columbus, Ohio
Quelle Chris w Alchemist- Iron Steel Samarai
Andre 3000 w Tyler the Creator
Cam’Ron – You Wasn’t There
EPMD – So What Cha Sayin’
Nas – EPMD
Diamond D – Stunts + Blunts + Hip Hop
weed democracy

BSA Hip Hop 12/17/2020

BSA Hip Hop
92.7 / 98.3
7pm thursdays
hosted by Wes Flexner
Columbus, Ohighio
Skratch Bastid – Merry Christmas
RZA- Cut Throat City
Gang Starr – Glowing Mic
Fantastic Negrito – Searching For Captain Save A Hoe feat. E-40
Too Short- In The Trunk Premier Remix
J.U.I.C.E. + Rhettmatic Blessing Some Allnatural
Potatohead People & De La Soul-
Baby Got Work feat. Posdnuos & Kapok

Paris – Walk Like a Panther
Illogic- Pick Pocket
Curren$y & Harry Fraud – Riviera Beach
Murs – Imma Vegan
BSA Hip Hop
Currensy + Harry Fraud ft. Snoop Dog- 180 Days
Jack Harlow – Keep It Light
Public Enemy ft. Beastie Boys + Run DMC- Public Enemy Number Won
saroc- rEvolution
The Liquid Crystal Project -George Tamir Castile
Chance The Rapper – The Return
RJD2 – A Salute To Blood Bowl Legends