The Curfew 9/19

The Curfew
Wes Flexner
92.7 / 98. 3
Saturday 11pm
Patrick Paige II – Curfew
Slum Village – Raise It Up
Viktor Vaughn – Saliva
Juelz Santana- Santana’s Town
DJ Detox- Get Right Vol 15 teaser mix
Gamble in our town
Time & Temperature – Havana
Chief Keef- Funny
Freaky Franz- I’ma Freak
Avalanches – Radio Sinkane Remix

Coast 2 Coast Curfew 9/11/2021

Wes Flexner Invented Sexy
Saturdaze aka Coast @ Coast aka Curfew
92.7 / 98.3
11pm Saturday
Patrick Paige II – Curfew
Jay-Z – 911 Freestyle
while this isn’t 9-11….
i’m fairly sure 2001….
El-P w Aesop Rock – Deloreon
Dungeon Family – Whole World
Juelz Santana – Okay Okay
Juelz Santana – Rumble Young Man Rumble
Dipset – Krunk Music
Conway the Machine w GID w Ludacris – Scatterbrain
AZ w Conway the Machine w Lil Wayne – Ritual
Chief Keef – Funny

BSA Hip Hop September 2, 2021

BSA Hip Hop
Wes Flexner
92.7 / 98.3
BDP – Beef
Dead Prez- Hip Hop
Common + Black Thought newest song
Boldy James – Drug Zone
The Lox – Think Of the Lox
Real Live w Ghostface w Cappadonna w Lord Tariq w Killa Sin – Real Live remix
lox should make a rap classic
Gangstarr w Jadakiss- Where You Stand
The Lox – Who Shot You
Tyler, The Creator – Manifesto
Vince Staples – Got Em
Anon I’m Often – Micheal Moore Knows Like I Know

Superthug 8/28/2021

Wes Flexner
92.7/ 98.3
11pm Saturdays

Nas – Live @ The BBQ
Tyler, The Creator – Massa
Lox w Westside Gunn w Benny the Butcher w Large Professor – Lox
Tyler, the Creator – Yonkers
Cam’ron – Touch it
Lemonade Riddim
Roots 1995 OTG Freestyle
Kendrick Lamar – Panther
Freestyle Fellowship – Tolerate
Supercat – Ghetto Red Hot
Cartoons + Cereal

scrapcan humor funnier in 2021

BSA Rap 8/26/2021

BSA Hip Hop
thuz 7pm
Sean Price + Lil Fame – Center Stage
Common + Black Thought
Blahzay Blah – Danger Premier Remix
Wes Flexner isn’t attending or performing @ the WCRSfm benefit. He recommends our station’s reggae programing.
Nas w Large Professor – One Plus One
Main Source – Friendly Game of Baseball
I forgot to mention Large Professor within favorite 90’s producers in our Free Press.
Large Professor was in Main Source and introduced Hip Hop listeners to Mobb Deep and Nas.
Large Professor is one of my favorite 90’s rap producers.
The Lox w Westside Gunn w Large Professor – Think of The Lox
Anon BSA – Michael Moore Knows Like I Know
Immortal Technique – Bin Ladin
Tyler, the Creator w Domo Genius – Manifesto
Mobb Deep – Peer Pressure
Ice T – This One’s For Me
Tyler, The Creator interviewed Nas in XXL while “Yonkers” was shocking people.
I wonder if interviewing Nas affected Tyler.
Large Professor explained to Nas he shouldn’t only do “Live @ the BBQ” style offensive lyrics.
Did Large Professor’s wisdom towards Nas regarding lyrical diversity shaped Tyler’s content?
Turnstyle – Mystery
Pitchfork’s Best New Music, and Stereogum’s Album of the week: Turnstile
Beat Bop – Rammellzee + K-Rob


BSA Hip Hop Radio 8-12-2021

Burners Steal Attention
Thurz 7pm
92.7 / 98.3
wes flexner host
Nas w EPMD w Eminem – EPMD
Common – Imagine
Thom Yorke w MF Doom – Gazillion Ears Remix
Homeboy Sandman – Go Hard
Tyler, The Creator w Domo Genesis – Manifest
Mach Hommey w Westside Gunn – Rami
Vince Staples – Got Em
Alchemist + Boldy James- Steel Wool / Turpentine
Conway w JID w Ludacris – Scatter Brain
Westside Gunn w Brady Watt – the Narcissist
Tyler, The Creator – Corso
Your Old Droog w Aesop Rock w Elzhi – Field of Dreams
Alchemist + Boldy


BSA Hip Hop 7/29/2021

BSA Hip Hop
Wes Flexner Host
Anon BSA- Front Row To The Apocalypse
Jadakiss -Questions
Outkast w Killer Mike
Atmosphere w Evidence w Musab – Crumbs
Tyler, The Creator – Sir Baudelaire
Cee Low
Boldy James First 48 Freestyle
Currensy w Fendi P – Member’s Only
Tyler, the Creator – Massa
weed epiphany finally
Dro w Open Wound w Przm w Eclypse w Camu – Dangerous
Turnstile – Mystery
Blakroc w Mos Def – Vista

BSA Rap 7-22-2021

Thursday 7pm
Wes Flexner Host
Biz Markie- Make Music With Your Mouth
Biz – Nobody
J-Rawls – Dilla
Raekwon DJ Doo Wop
Przm – LoLife
Turnstile – Mystery
Tyler – Massa
Mobb Deep w Kool G Rap– Realist
Company Flow – Vital Nerve
Nas w AZ w Biz Markie – Understanding
Freestyle Biz Markie
context is contextually important .
Evidence – Where We Going
Mach Hommey w Westside Gunn – Murder Czan
Slum Village – Raise It Up

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BSA Rap July 8, 2021

BSA Hip Hop w Wes Flexner
Thurz 7pm
92.7 / 98.3
NP – If You Down
Sean Price w Lil Fame – Big Gunz vs. Little Gunz
Evidence – Where Do We Go From Here
Thirstin Howl III w the Liknutz
DJ Przm – IF Ur
Tyler, The Creator – Massa
Joey Bada$$ w Capital Steez – Survival Tactics
Big Boi w Killer Mike – Lower Case
OC w Diamond D- Got It Covered
Nas w Mobb Deep – Live Nword Rap
Mach Hommey w Westside Gun – Rami

BSA Rap Radio 7-1-2021

BSA Rap Radio w Wes Flexner
Thurz 7pm
92.7 / 98.3
Evidence – Where Do We Go From Here
Tyler, The Creator – Massa
RZA – Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater
Homeboy Sandman – Go Hard
Percee P w Aesop Rock – Wake Up Call
BDP – Vegan
Mach Hommey w Westside Gunn – Rami
Common – First Day of School
Gangstarr w Big Shug – Glowing Mic Founders Remix
DJ Przm w Open Wound w Feast w Camu Tao
KRS – One w Slug w Buckshot – We Made It