BSA Radio is really fun for me. One of my favorite suprises of the year involves the new KRS-One album within a personal narrative. This one of those…I really don’t know who to tell fun things.

Nerd and Emote were featured in Ohio Political Magazine Clamor while we were building our friendships.

Emote was attending Ohio State. Like Emote, Nerd was into DIY politics and music. I was a Hip Hop guy who read Noam Chomsky because of Phase 2.

We were all fans of KRS-One.

Emote, and Nerd became part of BSA. I was invited into Killin’ Negative Koncepts.

Emote changed his name to Hot.

During the new KRS-One album he tells people to “Keep it HOT.”

if yr too lazy to find the Clamor interview online. i’ll post the second part of this interview later with the url.